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What is the general process for VVA enrollment?
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School Account Creation

Virginia public schools must create a Virtual Virginia account. To ensure your school has an existing account or to create a new school account, please contact the VVA registrar at [email protected].

Course Enrollment

  • Step 1: The enrolling school/division counselor of record creates a VVA student account if the student is new to VVA.
  • Step 2: The enrolling school/division counselor of record enrolls the student in the VVA course(s).

Payment (for Fee-Based Enrollments Only)

  • Step 3: The enrolling school/division counselor of record makes applicable enrollment fee payment via credit card or requests invoice for fee-based enrollments.
  • Step 4: Based on the method of payment in Step 3, VVA automatically generates:
    • an electronic receipt of payment for credit card payments, or
    • a digital Invoice for invoice payments.
  • Step 5: VVA processes enrollment, and school/division enrollments are rostered in VVA courses.

Invoicing (for Invoice Payments Only)

  • Step 6: VVA sends enrollment agreement form to the enrolling school/division.
  • Step 7: The school/division signs enrollment agreement and returns to VVA.
  • Step 8: VDOE invoices school/division per agreement.
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