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Is the material covered in a Summer Session course the same as the material covered during the same course when it is offered during the regular school year?

Yes. The pacing has been adjusted to fit the Summer Session calendar, but the courses are the same as those taken during the regular school year and satisfy all pertinent state standards.

Can a Summer Session course be canceled due to lack of enrollment?

While not common, a Summer Session course may be canceled due to low enrollment. Please know that Virtual Virginia works hard to ensure that courses will run as scheduled and that cancellation of a course is a last resort.

Are any textbooks or materials required for summer courses?

Some courses require specific textbooks or materials. Please check the [list of required course textbooks and materials][1] to ensure students are prepared for the first day of class. [1]:

Whom do I contact with other questions about the VVA Summer Session?

Please contact the Virtual Virginia Main Office at [[email protected]][1]. [1]: mailto:[email protected]?subject=additional%20Summer%20Session%20FAQs%20needed

Can a parent or guardian enroll a student in the Summer Session?

No. The enrollment must be done by the local school. (Note: Only a homeschooled student may be enrolled by their parent/guardian.)

Can a parent/guardian serve as a student’s VVA Mentor during Summer Session?

A VVA Mentor is required for every student enrolled in a Virtual Virginia course. For Summer Session, a parent/guardian may serve as a Mentor at the school’s discretion. Please discuss this with the student’s enrolling school counselor. [Read more about the role of VVA Mentors][1]. [1]: https://www.virtualvirginia…

Do Summer Session courses include synchronous instructional sessions?

Yes, instructors hold synchronous instructional sessions in Summer Session courses. These sessions are held daily during set times Monday through Friday. All synchronous sessions are recorded, and the recordings are posted in the course.

A student has been accepted into a special camp/program and will be gone for one week without internet access. Will this student be able to work ahead? If not, what is the likelihood they’ll be able to catch up when they return?

It is important that the student makes every effort to be present for the first week of their Summer Session course. If a student must miss class after that, they should notify the local school counselor and the Summer Session instructor in advance and plan to work ahead to complete all work before the absences. A stu…

How many Summer Session courses can a student take?

This is up to the local school, and the local school counselor can advise an appropriate course schedule.

How much time should a student expect to spend on coursework during Summer Session?

Summer courses last six weeks and cover the same content as courses held during the regular academic year. Students should plan accordingly when it comes to completing coursework and meeting course deadlines. On average students spend between 4–5 hours daily on their coursework and sychronous instruction.

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