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What skills do students need to succeed in an online class?

While VVA students are strongly supported by the instructor and school mentor, students need to be self-motivated so they do not fall behind. Students must be able to stay on task, meet deadlines, and ask for assistance when needed. Some keyboarding skills and knowledge of email and using a web browser are also helpfu…

Can students work at their own pace?

No, students move through the course material at the pace of their cohort/start date. Benchmark due dates are established to ensure that students stay on pace to complete the course by the end of the school year, but students have flexibility between those due dates.

Email address requirements

****Student Email Address**** ## * A unique, school-approved** **student email address is **required** as a condition of enrollment. Instructors will contact the student at this email address, so the email account must be active and regularly checked by the student. * **For grades K–3,** consider using the pare…

Bulk Student Import Instructions

View the brief video below for guidance on creating Virtual Virginia student accounts in bulk for K–12 instruction. To create Virtual Virginia student accounts in bulk for K–12 instruction, follow the directions below. This process must be completed by the local school counselor or division coordinator via the [Virtu…

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